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Sara Pope delivers her portrait of Pope Francis to the Vatican


In 2014, to commemorate her first international solo show in Italy, Sara embarked on probably her most difficult portrait to date, that of Pope Francis. Not only is this Pontiff highly popular, but he is also a reformer. With this comes a huge weight of responsibility which Sara was keen to express in the portrait. Sara signed it with a personal message on the back. Sara Pope’s portrait of Pope Francis was accepted by the Pope to form part of the Vatican collection. Sara was invited to personally present the painting in Rome in September of that year.

You can see a short film of Sara’s journey to the Vatican, from Florence where she was exhibiting her latest collection of original works.

A print of the Sara Pope piece is currently being developed and will be available soon. The date of which will be announced.┬áIf you would like to make a pre-order, please → Read more