Langmead-the passing of time

The passing of time


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The passing of time.

Wonderful limited edition print of only 50 and from the studio of Michael Langmead

This painting was inspired by three Gustav Klimt paintings: The Bride, Hope and The Black Feather Hat. The original painting is oil on canvas (35″ x 35″), which considers and depicts the various stages of life, from infancy through to death. Michael has, of course, added his own spin into the painting, which also considers the contradictory conditions of dream and reality.
Archival quality Giclee limited edition prints are printed on Enhanced Matte paper and are signed, dated and numbered. The print is available with, or without a border and in bespoke sizes upon request. Cropped sections of this painting will be sold in addition to the full image (version 1).

Keep an eye on Michael’s work as he is exploring and expanding his discipline into new and exciting areas


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