Featured Artist

Our current featured artist is Cristina Schek. Cristina is a born artist. Her talents lie in the photographic arena covering every aspect within this field and her application to her discipline is unsurpassed. Cristina’s work is now highly collectable proving to be not only a beautiful piece af art but a great investment too.

Cristina Schek Corvina, The Vanquisher Of Dragons
cristina-schek the-dutchess
cristina-schek grasshopping-mind
Cristina Schek A Bounce In Her Step
cristina-schek the-castle-of-otranto
cristina-schek blue rose ii
cristina-schek blue rose i
cristina-schek losing-my-religion
cristina-schek thelegendarypinkroseofcairo
cristina-schek the-way-things-were-never-was
Cristina Schek For who would survive a journey around the mind of another (v2)
Cristina Schek Atomicus
Cristina Schek Flamingo Ladies
Cristina Schek Lady Of The Rings
Cristina Schek The Little Prince
Cristina Schek The Picture of Dorian Green
Cristina Schek The Winner Takes It All