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The Project that Found a New Way to Share Same Urban Environment with Different Generations – Outings

The modern cityscape is a visually cluttered space, full of government signage, billboards and sporadically public mural or unsolicited street art. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of art goes unnoticed or just categorised as ‘urban noise’ and not important by passersby. This is where The Outings Project comes to challenge all that. Set up as a ‘global participative’ one, the project concentrates on the way different people respond to images, which are taken out of their normal logical white walls institutionalised context and pasted up in random public spaces. Nothing new so far you would say, but actually you would be in for a surprise. What sets it apart from every other project, is the fact that it provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved and decide how their urban environment should look like. In Julien Casabianca (Outings Project’s main instigator) own words:

It’s a way to discover how we can share the same urban environment with different generations and different kind of persons : when we stick, we obtain exactly the same reactions from both young and old; hip-hop teenagers to harpsichord old men. Everyone finds it beautiful… Maybe because the aesthetics in these paintings is in our common culture, without opposition of generations.

Below: in Dijon

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The 25 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of 2014

With 2014 coming to an end, it’s time to reveal the 25 most popular street pieces ranked this year on StreetArtNews.

1- Banksy – UK

With little to no surprise, Banksy takes the #1 spot with his spy stencil mural that was painted in Cheltenham, home of the UK Government Communications Headquarters. Compared to last year, a lot less of “festival” pieces are being featured but the lucky few are Memorie Urbane, Life Is Beautiful with JustKids, The White Night, Mural Festival and Djerbahood. The artists appearing for the second year in a row in our annual ranking are ROA, Etam Cru, Alexis Diaz, Ernest Zacharevic, Invader, Blu, Strøk, Borondo, Hopare and Nychos. The rest of this year’s ranking takes us around North Africa, Europe, North America and Asia, offering a superb variety of style and imagery from some very talented artists that you definitely need to keep an eye out for. Continue reading to discover our full 2014’s ranking and then let us know down in the comments which are your most-liked Street Art pieces of the year.

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 The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of 2014


1. I♥ – Vancouver, Canada

We welcome back to the monthly Top 10 street art pieces on StreetArtNews (ranking based on unique pageviews) with a great piece from I♥, featured at number one for February. This Instagram-inspired piece is under controversy due to a claim by Lushsux which says that his concept was robbed by I♥.

Second place this month goes to Borondo, one of the rising stars of the street art scene, who achieved the runner up position with his fantastic water-based “Narcissus” piece. Polling third and fourth are C215 and Eduardo Kobra in London and Sao-Paulo. In contrast to January which was filled with installations and interactive pieces, February brings back traditional large scale pieces, stencils and pasters. → Read more