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Churchward Gallery Showcases Liverpool’s Contemporary Artist ‘Dirty Hans’

High impact contemporary art from self-taught talent brings an edge to The Churchward Gallery.

London UK, Monday 9th November 2015 – A forward thinking online art gallery has recently announced its intention to offer buyers an opportunity to appreciate and own original works by the Liverpool based, innovative artist, ‘Dirty Hans’. ‘The Churchward Gallery’ is excited to be working with ‘Dirty Hans’ in order provide a global platform from which, exclusively sought after and high impact works of art, can be viewed and purchased. In contrast to many other contemporary artists Hans is entirely self taught and has built a far reaching reputation for striking works, combining painting and illustrations. From a young age  Hans has drawn influence from uniquely different artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, combined with a personal love of iconic 1950’s styles, including media, culture and film – influences which is identifiable in Hans’ current high impact pieces which are often created in a spray painted pop-art style. Hans commented “I take inspiration for my work from many things including the imagery of the 1950`s culture, movies, comic books, pulp-magazines, travelling and studying more traditionalist contemporary artists. I don’t have the vocabulary to put into words what I want you to feel, see and sense when you see a painting of mine, so I try to let my paintings do the talking for me and hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did painting them.” Having recently exhibited worldwide, including Miami, Toronto and Berlin, Hans pieces have been acquired by both individual art enthusiasts and large multi-nationals, such as Lego Company, Opal Telecoms and 105 Century FM. The Churchward Gallery will be showcasing a broad range of works by Dirty Hans, which can be viewed online at

About The Churchward Gallery: Brainchild of London businessman and purveyor of art, Gary Churchward, The Churchward Gallery is an eCommerce based contemporary art gallery, enjoying success working closely with a broad range of both established and emerging artists. The online gallery offers a high profile platform for new artists to break into the modern art market.

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Sara Pope Interview BBC

There’s no stopping Sara right now! Another print has just left her studio for it’s new home in Hampshire too.



Pop Things (Marilyn Monroe). Original canvas painting. By Alain Magallon.

Gary Churchward Interview: Online versus High Street – crunch time for art galleries

 By James Brewer

The future of the fine art market is in your hands – or, more precisely, in your internet browser.

Online art sites are challenging the traditional way of buying and selling, as the cost of running gallery property and maintaining adequate staffing continues to rise.

London businessman Gary Churchward, who has tested both the premises-based and the online options, has come down firmly in favour of the latter. His venture, is ringing up steady sales of mainly contemporary prints and paintings.

While bricks-and-mortar galleries have long flourished thanks to the face-to-face relationships of proprietors with customers, virtual platforms offer flexibility and ease of transaction, and generate new audiences for artists, galleries and private sellers.  It is little wonder that many old school galleries now include an online purchase facility.

Gary Churchward. Photo by Cristina Schek

Research in 2013 by insurer Hiscox revealed the growing trend for buying art online – with, at that stage, 71% of contemporary art collectors surveyed having bought artwork on the strength of a JPEG image. Buying art in that way has become the norm rather than the exception, said the insurer, although its study found that the majority of traditional galleries had resisted the move to e-commerce.

Mr Churchward relates how he came to be a champion of the online choice. He said: “Ten years ago or so, I started collecting art purely for personal enjoyment, meeting and building relationships with some of the artists along the way. One thing led to another and the next step was to operate my own online art gallery as the amount of stock I had compiled had become substantial, and the contacts I had made encouraged me do so.

“I had opened ‘pop up’ galleries in Shoreditch and in Southfields, different parts of London. Both had elements of potential success but also paved the way to showing that a high street presence, although wonderful to operate, costs a vast amount to sustain. I came to the conclusion that a viable high street establishment would be incredibly expensive, and highly risky without a good deal of investment backing in place. → Read more


Delighted to find this article The churchward gallery in the Wandsworth Guardian this morning.