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Keith Haring Foundation Sued For $40 Million By Collectors Over ‘Fakes’

On Friday a group of art collectors and dealers filed a lawsuit against the Keith Haring foundation, claiming that it has cost them at least $40 million, by publicly labelling around 90 paintings by the late artist  ‘counterfeit’ and ‘fake’ and by failing to fully evaluate them.

The lawsuit in US District Court in Manhattan portrayed the Keith Haring Foundation Inc’s approach to authentication as irrational and irresponsible, saying its authentication committee operated for many years “in secret, with little or no explanation and often without ever physically inspecting the works”.

The lawsuit said the foundation, which started shortly before Haring died of AIDS in 1990, disbanded the authentication committee in 2012 to shield itself from litigation over its decisions but continued to obstruct the emergence of new Haring works “through malicious and wrongful tactics” including shutting down a display of Haring art at a Miami show in March 2013. → Read more