Dillon Boy

James Dillon Wright aka Dillon Boy (b. May 29, 1979) is a contemporary artist, graphic designer, toy designer, and illustrator who emerged from the subculture of street art. Dillon’s style combines attitude branding, advertising, and pop culture.
Dillon Boy is a charismatic artist who effortlessly combines colorful spray paint, ink doodles, cut stencils, paper collage and soulful subjects with virtuosic creativity. He wanders the planet with his briefcase, a brush and an arsenal of artwork, exhibiting from the US to Europe. Dillon Boy has had a prolific rise to becoming a notable name in the street art game. Developing his craft from a young age, he showcases his proficiency in the areas of stencil and graffiti. The lion’s share of his work is dedicated to systematically used fields such as pop culture, branding and advertising. However, his ability to take whimsical and notable façades, and methodically optically fragment them and construct them as utterly repugnant or contrasted anarchic vision of these characters is inventive. Taking away the context, symbolism and the clothes of these besotting animated beauties gives them a human appeal, making the viewer feel a sense of repentance towards them or even sexual objectification. Re-identification of these popular icons is a regular occurrence in the world of art today. This shows that many artists hold a similar motif of questioning how we collectively interpret these icons in a state of buffoonery, malevolence or erotica. Dillon Boy is constantly being intrusive on the boundaries of acceptability. Be sure to interrogate his site for more captivating and stimulating work.